Steve Childs - An American Artist

Naples Museum of Art exhibition Nov 21, 2012 through April 28, 2013

US Senator Richard Burr
Moments Before Rehearsal
15 x 28
Oil On Linen
9x12 head study
Somewhere Between a Memory
28 x 16
Lindsay    16x20     Oil Head Study Portrait
Oil Head Study Portrait

Welcome. This site is for those interested in learning more about artist Steve Childs and his work. You may wish to simply browse the images which include a select group of his paintings such as portraits, ballet dancers and others; or you may wish to commission Mr. Childs to paint a portrait.

If you are interested in having a portrait painted or want more information you can get in touch with Mr. Childs at 336-721-2008 or email him at

Steve has filmed and directed a documentary film titled "And We Will Dance". You can learn more about it from the film's web site.

We welcome your comments and hope you enjoy the site.